we have been SCAMMED trying out hundreds of websites... here are THE SELECT FEW we can vouch for:



below is a list of trusted wallets... you will need EACH of these resources to take full advantage earning/buying/selling/storing or generally using BitCoin (BTC)



First thing's first, you will need a place to hold your funds... this site is one of longest running & most trusted.

Connect your bank account to buy, sell, & store popular CryptoCurrency like BTC. CoinBase literally becomes your digital wallet.


After your wallet is established, this Micro Wallet will help you connect and keep track of your many different addresses (your address constantly changes, however each address will ALWAYS lead back to YOUR wallet).

This site is essential for multiple reasons.
Most Importantly: A LOT of high paying faucet sites will only let you withdraw using a FaucetHub account!

This site will also help you earn & convert a multitude of CryptoCurrency.


Similar to FaucetHub, this Micro Wallet allows you to easily store & convert CryptoCurrency.
The site also allows you to mine for coins using your browser.

(CoinPot is only recommended if you want to take full advantage of ALL the trusted free faucet sites.)


Earn BitCoin:

many sites offer BTC in exchange for completing tasks, but be careful... a lot of sites you find will not pay out after all of your hard work.
below are sites that have been personally tested...


Watching videos, doing surveys, completing offers, and clicking through slide-shows are the main money makers here.

When first starting out, I had the most success earning BTC using this site ...the only downside is that you have to wait 3 weeks to get get your payouts!


Just click on the ads shown, doesn't get much easier.


[All ads are also Tried & True]


Free BitCoin:

"faucet" sites offer free BTC for solving a captcha (or two)... these usually have a few ads to compensate themselves, however we have tried NOT to include sites with TOO MANY intrusive ads in our list below...


This faucet is first on everybody's list! They are the longest running, most trusted faucet out there - with NO ads & only ONE captcha to solve!


This faucet is pretty cool because you can play tons of free games while you watch your faucet fill up!

You can also opt out of the gaming and just re-vist the site to collect your ever growing BTC.
Although it fills slower as time passes, this faucet still goes well over the 30-Satoshi-hourly-limit of


Just like the BitFun faucet above, MoonBit will gradually fill up throughout the day (quickly initially, but slowing down over time) until you make a claim.

I've also noticed this site allows me to use AdBlockPlus (so NO ads to worry about!)


This site actually has TWO faucets: HERE & HERE

AdBlockPlus works fine and you can collect at least 30 Satoshi (or more) every 10 minutes!

Daily payouts to your FaucetHub account are a big plus.


No ads, no captcha, and 100% free coins could call this an 'auto faucet'

Basically, they give you over 200 Satoshi just for signing up... then everyday after that they will add more Satoshi to your built-in wallet.

Refer people to raise your daily deposit limits.


Another hourly faucet I came across that allows AdBlockPlus & deposits straight to your FaucetHub account after only 300 Satoshi.


you should cross reference at the bitcoin bad list⬅︎⬅︎⬅︎

I test every website listed, beyond that it's a scary world.

Please use caution and NEVER send your money to any unconfirmed website - ALWAYS make sure any website you use DOES NOT show up on "the bitcoin bad list"!

If you do see the site listed, it is 100% a SCAM. If you don't see the site listed, still be careful and do your research before spending any time or money.