Bar Codez and Paper Jamz | Goon Platoon

GOON PLATOON was originally created and formed by founders: Crafsmen(producer/MC/artist), Detective Dandridge(producer/MC/artist), and Da Bloody Baron Deago(MC/co-producer), in 2001. Roanoke, VA, is the birthplace of this raw theatrical brand of horrorcore hip-hop. Influenced and inspired by a broad variety of music, films, culture, art, and science; a 3-headed monster was born!
Each individual brought a unique style and aesthetic to the group.
Hunger and passion, to create a sound and feeling that would combine horror movies and hardcore hip-hop, fueled the drive to write original lyrical concepts with a militant approach. GOON: represents the supernatural and horror aspect of the sound and aesthetic. PLATOON: represents brotherhood, military strategy, art of war, and intelligence.
VRS(DJ/ video/multimedia) joined the camp to provide imagery, bringing musical concepts to life. Da Bloody Baron parted ways with GP in 2007 and was shortly reunited in 2012; for a final 3-headed attack! (“Yesternight,” Whichcraf?2013)
Through the years, GP has featured Imhulluh Tak(“Magfion”/MC/concepts) on a select few tracks; bringing a true sense of frigid darkness, delivered with power.
GP is Underground Royalty. A testament of non-commercial, creative mindstate. For almost 2 decades, the mission statement has been: “ Rap music is not dead… it is UNDEAD!”

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Just for GP - 2003
The Germ Vol.1 (epedemic) - 2004
The Germ Vol.2 (The Red Flu) - 2007
Nightime Infantry - 2008
Detect You - 2010
Arts-n-Crafs - 2012
Whichcraf? - 2013
Bar Codez and Paper Jamz - 2017