The Perfect Time For A SelectFew


The 5 letters of DCSFM are becoming very well known in the Box State of Colorado, especially in the city of Colorado Springs.

DCSFM (Dedicated SelectFew Millionaires) is the result of two local groups of friends/artist of the 719 community: The "Dedicated Champions" and The "SelectFew Millionaires".

MotorMouth artist, local stand out and head of DCSFM, NinaN9ne, describes it as a match made in heaven..... "all of us play an equally important role".

"A well oiled machine" is how he describes his team, in which other members are also making well-respected names of their own.


Bleezus Khrist"SFM Co-Founder" and N9nes right hand man has come a very long way in short period of time.

Making his 1st appearance with NinaN9ne on smash single "Selfish" whos video (shot by Joee Sparks) was nominated for a "SouthWest Independent Music Award"

The pace is which "BlaZues" another name he is often referred as produces music, quality and lyricism are a nice and refreshing breath that the bases of true hip hop are still alive him on all music media platforms he does not disappoint.


Rahh Tha Gawd another "SFM original" has turned many head with his unique style of harmonization and rap, and his disputes with split personality "Stackx" Making his 1st appearance with NinaN9ne on song "Another Level" Rahh has since released a video for single "DCSFM" shot by Videographer Sean Scenes of DCSFM and is due to release his project "Expect Nothing" very soon.


WildBoy one of the younger members of DCSFM and also younger cousin to NinaN9ne makes his 1st appearance on N9nes latest project "Heaven Or Vegas" on song "Hitter".

Wildboy who is actually in the air force as a reserve displays the uncanny word play and delivery as older cousin Nina with his own unique twist to it as seen is singles "Mental" which also has a video shot by Seans Scenes and single "Rager"

Wildboy has project "Life Lessons" on the way soon.


The sleepers of DCSFM at this point in their 1st year as a complete team would have to be "King Volatyle" whos unique sound and fine word play make him a must listen to as displayed on song "Amen" with NinaN9ne,

"DNyce" a father and hard working younger man of DCSFM whos phenomenal bounds as an artist with this team shows how quickly an artist can grow when surrounded by the right elements like he has with DCSFM an song "Instant Transmission" with "DC Founder" OG PatPat The Pirate put that on a large display.


Last but not least one of 3 female artist apart of DCSFM Street Savi continues to impress not only with sly but sexy sound, intelligent word play but also with gorgeous looks and amazing eyes.

After taking a short break Savi is back following up her single "10 Toes Down" is has a project on the way called "Trails & Tribulations" due mid 2018..


As for NinaN9ne he's doing what NinaN9ne does: continuing to create "lyrical audio paintings", as he refers to them, with his release of the Mixtape "Heaven Or Vegas" which is available on all music outlets. He's also said to already have his next project titled "Oh You Thought I Forgot" already finished as well.

N9ne has quickly ascended to one of the feature artist of Colorado Springs through his work ethic, smooth delivery, intelligent wordplay, and outright catchy hooks ...its crazy that he is commonly left out of conversations about stand-out artist of the box state.

But tell him that his reply is, "I bet you they know who DCSFM is and if they don't they're sure about to"


Not surprising "The Bankers" of "The Millionaires Vault" have quickly risen as one of the more elite units of Colorado Springs hip hop teams smart planning, good marketing, and just flat out good music are very hard to ignore and with a team that fully backs each through and through they make a worthy opponent for any challengers for years to come inside the city limits of colorado springs and out it.....


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