Does Eminem & Paul Rosenberg's 7-Eleven Instagram Photo Mean New Music?

It's been a long time... #7elevenseries

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Though Eminem caught much attention following his guest verse on Big Sean’s I Decided. track “No Favors” when he sent shots at Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, he’s been relatively quiet on the music front.

The last time anyone heard a single from him was last year’s lyrical sledgehammer “Campaign Speech,” which Slim Shady did say was the precursor to an album.

An Instagram photo from Em’s manager Paul Rosenberg Tuesday night (April 4) led many to speculate that something is on the way.

Mysteriously captioned “It’s been a long time… #7elevenseries,” the pic has both individuals at a 7-Eleven convenience store. Fans have noticed some illegible writing on Slim Shady’s palm with many believing it reads April 9th. Obviously, many speculate that’s a project release date.