Fat Joe and Remy Ma Go Hard on ‘Swear to God' feat. Kent Jones

In a post ricocheting around Twitter yesterday, @DashRomero put up four closed-captioned stills of a video interview given by the rapper couple Papoose and Remy Ma. Papoose is talking about first impressions: “She was like rude to everybody in the room. And I was like oh, I really like her.”

This pugnacity was key to Remy Ma’s appeal as a member of the Terror Squad (see her star turn on the remix of M.O.P.’s “Ante Up”) up until her arrest in 2007 on assault and weapons charges, and her subsequent prison term, which ended in 2014.

Thanks to “All the Way Up,” her hit with former Terror Squad macher Fat Joe, Remy Ma is more in the spotlight than ever. The two have just released a solid collaborative album, “Plata o Plomo,” on which she handily out-raps her partner on every track, and on “Dreamin,” the album finale, she talks about how prison didn’t calm her down, it made her more aggressive. That she still packs punch is clearest on “Swear to God,” one sock to the jaw after another, but with whimsical wordplay that shows off just how light her heavy burdens are:

"Say something, said something or mentioned my name, ho
Put a bullet in the brain of the mane on your Polo
You could get this work for free, it’s pro bono
I put funds on your bundles, mad dough on your Afro
Guap on your top, green on your bean
Dubs on your mug, a new bag on your do-rag".