Lyph Muzic is making waves in Colorado.


Look out for new talent in the Denver area...

"MC Lyph incorporates freeform and freestyle hip hop technique in recorded and live performances striving to bring a great message through great music throughout the Denver underground.

Lyph is focusing on lyrical content and substance as well as striving to incorporate other genres such as electronic funk and live band performances (which will all be Incorporated in the albums to come).

MC Lyph's first new single for the soon to come syllabus EP is called: The Heist.
It is recently released & is promised to be followed up by more great underground hip hop in the next few months!"

Check out the single and other music below:

 Lyph Muzic presents the First single from the soon to come "syllabus EP" "The Heist" "beat produced by Heuco prods" recorded and mixed at REJUVENATED SOUND Written and performed by Lyph Muzic.

LyphMuzic - Abstract - Recorded and mastered at rejuvenated sound written and performed by Lyph Muzic