NINAN9NE Keeps It 💯 With His New MixTape

only way is up

Fans have been eagerly waiting for NINAN9NE to release his next project  ...THE WAIT IS OVER

NINAN9NE speaks about his new project below:

"When you at the bottom its very easy to lose site of whats really important out here which is each other....... I #Dedicated this project to my older cousin #ChrisMischiefJackson i want him to know i remembered what he said and im on my way.... and everyone at the bottom whatever you personal bottom is, never give up..... you are stronger then you ever dream of.... the point of caring about other peoples feelings doesnt make you weak it makes you human...... Be proud of who you are, not who you think everyone wants you to be..... you are capable of do anything you set your mind to an im frfr ... you have to believe and i mean really believe with every breath in you that you can do it and actually go for it....... the real questions everyone is afraid to ask themselves is "Do i really believe in myself enough to put everything i have in life into actually persuing dreams" "Am I ready to lose friends, family memebers, lovers whatever over the committment i have to pursuing my dreams" "am i ready for the hate to be so real and the love so fake that you find yourself asking wanting the hate more"..... how could i honestly say i believe in Mos High if never stepped out of my comfort zone out of my lil secure range and jump into the unknown, into the unsecure, head first into the what ifs.. I dont know about most but i know about me and in world full of people who wanna be rappers i could #PromiseYou im one of the #SelectFew you really could, should, and will become not only a rapper but a memorable one hiphop artist....

So I Jumped.....i went for it all....left everything i knew and loved to pursue my dream..... fuck it - right? why the hell not? ...when your at the bottom they say the #OnlyWayIsUp"

#nowplaying Only Way Is Up by NinaN9ne