T.I. Snaps On Male Fan Who Grabs His Ass!!

T.I.’s 2008 Billboard No. 1 hit, “Whatever You Like,” remains one of his most recognizable tunes, especially among his female fan base. But one male concertgoer apparently couldn’t contain himself during the catchy single’s euphoria and was met with a sharp warning by the song’s creator.

Troubleman31 was out in Winnipeg, Manitoba for his Us Or Else Canada Tour at the Burton Cummings Theatre on Sunday (January 22) and when he was midway through an intimate performance of “Whatever You Like,” he felt an unsolicited hand grab him by the rear end. Much to his surprise, he noticed it was a male’s hand.

Befuddled, T.I. proceeded to cease all performance measures of his sanctioned appearance and reprimanded the young man, explicating that he did not appreciate the violation of his primitive limb encroaching on his gluteus maximus (say it like Tip!).

“Don’t you ever put your hands on my muthafuckin’ ass again, bro” a furious T.I. said to the male fan’s face. “What the fuck wrong with you, my nigga? I’ll fuck you up. Don’t you ever touch my muthafuckin’ ass again!”

And then, he said it into the mic so the entire crowd would know that it’s real.

“Hey look man, no bullshit. If you ever put your muthafuckin’ hand on my ass again, I’ll beat yo muthafuckin’ ass. Real talk, I came out to have a good time but I ain’t with the disrespect. Real talk. I won’t never go back to that bro.”

After he got that off his chest, Tip told his DJ to restart the record and performed it again — on the other side of the stage.

by Trent Clark